Why Drug Dealers Love the Nokia 8210

Just when you thought every last person who you knew and their uncle had a smartphone it has been revealed there is a set of people who still hesitate to use a smart phone and prefer an old sturdy Nokia 8210 instead. The ‘people’ we are talking about don’t ride a horse carriage to Walmart, their wives don’t make peach jam either, or maybe they do. Well in short we aren’t really talking about the Amish but drug dealers instead.

According to newly verified data, drug dealers prefer to use the sturdy old Nokia to make calls, take orders and facilitate business. The 8210 is a popular model among drug dealers who don’t want their movements traced by the cops. Drug dealers and other criminals who don’t want their movements tracked are now using an old handset to do the basic functions that phones can perform minus the geotagging, insta updates and Pokemon games.

A news organisation recently reported that the choice phone for drug dealers in the U.K is in fact the Nokia 8210. The pros that appeal to crack dealers include the fact that it doesn’t have an inbuilt Bluetooth system nor does it have WiFi. However it does have infra-red technology, which is basically an ancient wireless technology that can be used to connect two phones to transmit data.  The battery life on this phone can give every other latest model a major complex, something criminals really need since running to the nearest charging point is not really a feasible option.

Not surprisingly, the Nokia 8210 is one of the most popular phones in prisons with inmates frequently being smuggled the phone. Drug dealers know that using an iPhone or Android can make life easier for a normal person but a lot harder for a criminal. Using a Nokia means that the work is finished quickly without any trust issues or hurdles along the way, a dealer said.

Modern phones can record conversations by using apps or use apps to do a plethora of other things that can create privacy issues for the user. However with the Nokia phone there is no option to download apps, phone recording is not easy and with a couple of phones on hand the drug dealer makes it easier for himself to stay safe and away from the authorities.

Mobile phone shop owner too say they have had customers seeking the 8210 and whenever one was available there were people willing to buy it right away. So if you have an old Nokia maybe it could be a chance to save some bucks while buying some weed.