Google Pixel: 7 Ways to Make the Most of Your New Phone

The Google Pixel is the phone that every true phone techie has been waiting for. Hailed as the first true Google phone, it has been received well by critics and phone lovers across the globe.

In the Pixel, Google boasts of what it says is the highest rated camera Smartphone ever, a battery that lasts all day and unlimited storage. Already sounds like a dream? Now add the Google assistant to it.

Whether you already own a pixel or are seriously considering getting one this article is just for you. Here are the top ways to make the most of your already powerful Google Pixel.

Choose what makes your Google Pixel light up

Now while that sounds like something a lot of other phones can do, the pixel is a lot more advanced in this and does it in style. You can have the phone turn and give you a quick look at whatever it is you are looking for with just two taps on the screen. On the first tap of the screen, the display lights up partially and you can see the time and any pending alerts or notifications. Upon touching the screen again it will light up fully and you can use your phone’s full functions.

This is a lot superior to the ambient display feature that was previously featured on Google’s Nexus phones since this won’t have your phone lighting up fully anytime an accidental touch is made. The double tap feature is the easiest to use but there are other options available for the more adventurous including an option where lifting the phone activates it using a motion activated feature.

Choose the best lighting options

Another exciting feature of this Android 7.1 (Nougat) device is a Night Light mode that makes it easier to use your phone in dim lighting conditions. What it effectively means is that you can say goodbye to the ‘phone eyes’ you have to endure for a few seconds when you wake up or when you decide to check the time at 3 am. You can activate the night mode one time and pixel will ensure it is activated or deactivated depending on the amount of daylight around you. To use this you can choose ‘Sunset to Sunrise’ under night light in the Display section of your system settings.

Use the free data

Data connections are not cheap, however since Wi-Fi is no longer rare to come across you can use Google Pixel’s wireless service which will connect you to available high speed public Wi-Fi connections automatically without compromising your data since all your incoming and outgoing data will be encrypted. This way you don’t have to let an expensive data plan burn a hole in your pocket. To activate this feature if you haven’t already, activate ‘Wi-Fi Assistant’ under the Networking section of the phones system settings.

Use the fingerprint scanner for other purposes

The Google Pixel comes with a fingerprint scanner which has a primary purpose of security. However you can expand its scope by using it for other functions.  Installing an app can help you assign various activities and actions to utilize the finger print scanner to its maximum potential. The app called Fingerprint Gestures is available for download and is practical and easy to use.

Keep scam calls away with Google’s own software

Spam callers are every busy person’s nightmare. Thanks to Pixel’s advanced spam blocking tools you can finally bid goodbye to repeat spammers.  Once you report an offending number by pressing the block/report spam from the call history page Google will report the number as spam to its database apart from preventing the person from calling you ever again. To make things better spam numbers will also be prevented from texting you in the messenger app and Android automatically maintains a list of blocked numbers which will be synced to your future phones. Better still you can see a list of all numbers you have blocked, so an ex you blocked out of frustration can later be unblocked if needed.

Camera hacks

The Pixel’s camera is a great one; however, to maximize its potential you can change some default settings the phone comes with. Inside the camera app, choose ‘Settings’ further choose back camera resolution and select UHD 4K. You can also change resolutions to high on the settings including for the Panorama resolution.

After you are set with high quality resolution it is time to click some pictures. Guess what you don’t need to do much to take amazing photos. You can use the Android voice command to take a picture just by saying “OK Google, take a picture” or “Ok Google, take a selfie” if you prefer using the Google Pixel’s front camera.

Another interesting camera option is the lens blur feature which is great for close ups and micro photographs of things. Also, enable auto back up on your pixel to prevent losing your photos. While the photos saved on Google photos are compressed they do look good thanks to the high quality of the images. If you prefer to see the high quality original image you can save the pictures in your drive.

Enjoy the live wallpapers

Android phones have always had live wallpapers, yet the ones on the Google Pixel are amazing. There are many interesting options to customize your screen, not to mention they are live and some even change throughout the day depending on the time or weather.