How to Deal With Bad Cell-Phone Signal

If your office or house seems to have zones where there is no cell phone signal or you have poor connectivity in your area in general, then this article is for you.  

You can find a workaround to make your phone receive and make calls, receive and send text messages using these methods.

Wi-Fi calling

Invest in a good quality Wi-Fi router and a good internet connection. This is absolutely essential.  You can receive and make calls even if you don’t have mobile phone signal. For this, you should enable Wi-Fi calling on your phone and set it up to always work on Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, this also means that it will have to be reconfigured if you are leaving the limit of your Wi-Fi on some phones.

If you own an iPhone then you can enable this feature in the Phone option inside Settings.  If you own an Android phone then you can enable the option in Settings and search for WiFi calling.

This can be the best workaround and be the best way to deal with cell phone signal dead zones. However not all phones support this option. So we have some other workarounds as well.

Use a messenger app

By using a messaging app like WhatsApp or Skype you can make calls and send text messages through your internet connection.  Of course this only works if the person you are calling also has the same app. However, since a lot of people are on WhatsApp and other chat messengers like Facebook this could be a great wat to get in touch with them.

Google Voice

Google voice is another great way to make calls and send messages if you need to call someone’s phone number. However google voice doesn’t make calls from your phone’s number and you have to pick out a new number when you sign up. This can also mean that some people may not pick up your call since they don’t recognise the number. Another option is to just port your number to google voice if you are planning to use it for the long term.

Create a Wireless signal booster

This method is significantly more expensive than the previous methods but can be effective if there are many people facing this situation or if your office is in a remote location where cell phone signal is sparse. You can buy a network extender and install it in your home. This option is quite complicated since it can work only in certain places and requires an internet connection apart from some devices only working with certain type of other devices.

So if you are dealing with cell phone network troubles then using Wi-Fi or voice calling from Apps could be the best way to deal with it.