iPhone Tips to Clear Space on Your Phone

If you are an iPhone user you know that nothing is worse than seeing the ‘storage almost full’ notification that pops up only when you are about to save something important. The usual and quick fix most people use is to delete their videos and some pictures. But here are some iPhone tips to clear up precious space without having to say goodbye to your memories even if it is only a picture of a piece of pie from last night.

These top 8 iPhone tips can work well on not just iPhones but Android users can find similar hacks on their phones too.

Try to rent a movie online to free up some space

The best part of this tip is that you don’t actually have to rent the movie, attempting to rent it clears up space. When you attempt to rent the movie by logging on the iTunes store, the file will be too big to download which then brings up the dreaded ‘not enough storage’ screen. Select ok and head over to settings to check, you will have more storage space.

Delete apps you aren’t using

This should be a no-brainer, yet it isn’t. The best way to free up storage space is to delete apps that you don’t use often and take up a lot of storage. Identify the apps which are taking up the most space and decide whether you really need them. Do this in your manage storage tab since it will be easier to know which apps are the worst offenders. Doing away with social media apps you aren’t always using is also a great idea as you save not just space but valuable time as well.

Say bye to old text messages

You can either automatically configure your phone message settings to delete all text messages older than 30 days or manually delete all text messages except the ones that you really want to keep. Having a huge number of text messages is not going to do anything good to your phone.

Don’t use My Photo Stream

If you don’t really need to sync photos to your iPad or computer then don’t use this option. When My Photo Stream and iCloud photo library is activated then your photos automatically get added to my photo stream. Make sure you backup and save the photos you need before you turn off My Photo Stream.

Don’t save both versions if you use HDR mode

When you enable the High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode then you really don’t need to store your usual lower quality version of the photo in addition to the HDR version. Turn off the ‘keep normal photo’ option and save only the HDR version to prevent having a lower quality duplicate.  You can do this in your settings, under photos and camera and uncheck the keep normal photo option. This way you will save space and as an added bonus you won’t have to wade through unnecessary photos later.

Clean browser cache regularly

Clearing the cache of the web browser is one of the easies iPhone tips that can make space for many more things. You can go to settings and choose ‘clear history and website data’ under the browser’s name. The only downside is that you may have to wait a teeny bit longer for some websites to open, but the space cleared is definitely worth clearing out the cache.

Don’t update apps automatically

Updates can take up considerable space and also use up your battery. Uncheck the updates option and manually update it when you need to. Also, ensure you are connected to a good Wi-Fi connection before you update the apps. This is not a big task and can help save space and battery power.

Top iPhone Tips: Don’t save every song you have ever listened to

You don’t really need to save all the songs you might want to listen to in the future. Sign up for iTunes Match to listen to it via cloud. This way you don’t need to actually save all the songs you need right on your phone, freeing up the valuable space for other things.