Top 10 Apps Your Android Phone Should Have

Android phones are now more popular than ever, if you have recently bought a phone that runs on the android platform and downloaded the usual apps like Facebook, Twitter and Watsapp then here are some apps that you should have on your device to maximize its capabilities.


Using a password manager can seem like an unnecessary task; however it can keep your device and accounts a lot safer than using a single unsafe password everywhere. Using an app like 1password makes it easier to store multiple passwords and using them automatically when necessary. Other similar apps include LastPass and several other apps available in the Playstore. Remember that using a password app on your phone also requires you to use it on your desktop,


Podcasts can be a great way to learn new things while utilizing your travelling time. While Android doesn’t have an inbuilt podcast app, you can download Pocket Casts from the Play Store to listen to your favorite podcasts. It is easy to use and comes with features like speeding up playback and silence removal. At $4 it is definitely worth it if you are a podcast buff.


Having a good weather app on your phone is essential to making sure you stay ahead of the bad weather days. Weather Timeline is a great app due to its design and colorful nature apart from being reliable and easy to understand. At $1.49 it is easily the best weather app around.


Flamingo is for the Twitter users who want some color in their life. It is a bright and colorful twitter client app with a simple and extremely customisable interface. It provides you with the Twitter experience you know and love with beautiful material design. You can easily switch between several accounts, and individually theme those accounts. Available for $2, it’s a good option if you are an avid Twitter user.


VSCO is a photography mobile app for iOS and Android devices created by the American company Visual Supply Company. It has great photo filters and can transform your ordinary images into extraordinary photographs. You can also shoot and edit your images with its mobile presets, film-inspired presets, and advanced camera controls and publish images or curate others to your VSCO profile. Other features of the app include exploring content from fellow users and community content apart from exclusive editorial content.


This is another way to access your Gmail. While it isn’t drastically different from the Gmail app, it has other features that can be useful if you send lots of emails every hour. Inbox sorts out your emails into categories and keeps promotional mails and social media separate.


A great app if you are looking to keep track of your fitness goals and exercise routine. The app can help you count the number of steps you take every day and act as a pedometer.  You can get a good idea of the number of steps you take on a daily basis.


If you want your phone’s notifications to show up on your computer screen, then this is the app to make that happen. You should install it on your phone and then use the desktop client on your laptop or PC to view your phone’s notifications on your PC. It is great for people who work at their computer all day and can be a good way to keep your phone’s harmful radiation away from you.


Android doesn’t have an inbuilt audio recorder, so downloading an easy to use version from Sony is a good idea. Record audio and save your audio files onto your device’s memory or a memory card. Use a lower quality recording if you plan to make lots of audio recordings since audio files can take up a lot of space.


It can be a good idea to use Messenger Lite if you don’t want to use the standard Facebook Messenger. Not only is it easier to use, it is a lot faster and can be a good way to keep in touch with your Facebook friends. While the app doesn’t have all the features of Facebook messenger, it does the primary function of sending messages.