Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Switching Your Mobile Phone Operator 

Deciding to switch your mobile phone carrier can be based on many reasons. Most of the time mobile users decide to switch when they have phone troubles or began to have issues with mobile services and data plans and coverage. However changing your service provider should not be a hasty decision. Here are the top five things you should check before you change your cell phone provider:


Cell phone coverage is probably the most important thing to know about before signing up for a carrier. Even the best plans and data packages are of absolutely no use if you don’t have sufficient coverage in the area.

Coverage maps for your new carrier can most likely be found online. Check the official coverage maps to see what your chances of getting 4G coverage are. Be prepared for these maps to be inaccurate, they are put online by the companies themselves after all, however you will get an idea about coverage in the area. Other factors that could influence data coverage could be if you live in a basement or a very high rise apartment.

When checking for coverage don’t forget to check for places you are likely to visit often such as your parents’ house and any vacation home or other places you are likely to visit for work or leisure. Look for data coverage and voice call coverage and compare speeds with your present carrier and other carriers.

Know all about the various offers

Different telecoms have different offers for new customers. Companies know that once you choose them you are most likely to remain with them for a considerable period of time.

But scrutinizing the offers that look very tempting is important. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Look for the fine print and any catch that accompanies the offer.  Check to see if you will need add-ons and whether you will be eligible for other discounts.

Knowing your usage limits and type of usage can also help you choose a plan that will work well for your use. For example if you have kids who will use your phone to download games then budgeting for more data is essential.

Know how much you will have to pay

There are various charges involved with switching your mobile carrier. Having a fair idea of what to expect as one-time charges and knowing what to expect as your monthly bills can save you from rude surprises later.  Your new carrier may even give you some prepaid credit when you switch.

Your current carrier can charge you for leaving, however it is likely that when you contact them to know more about how much you will have to pay up before you can exit, they may give you special deals and offers to retain a customer they will otherwise lose. If you are on a two year contract then you might have to pay an early termination fee.

Learn the steps involved in moving to the new carrier

Moving to the new carrier can involve some steps. You may have to unlock your SIM card and have your data moved to another phone, switching your carrier while keeping your old number can also include other formalities and additional steps.

You should be able to retain your old number even if you switch to a new carrier but remember that it may be not work for a few hours during the transition so don’t change providers when you are going through something where you can’t stay without your phone.

Whether you need a new handset or not depends on the new carrier and compatibility with your new handset or whether getting a new handset was the primary reason you decided to switch.

Ask friends for recommendations

Word of mouth still remains the best way to choose a mobile service carrier. Sure, your friends’ usage needs and cell phone preference may be different but it can be a good idea to get feedback from people who use the carrier before you decide to switch.

You may get advice on how to deal with their customer service or how to avoid a certain issue that may come up during the process of switching over to the new service provider if you ask for advice. Ask about other services that comes with the phone like international roaming and data service abroad.

Be prepared to face some inconvenience when you move carriers since it still remains a process that can take some time and effort. However it is a lot easier now than it was in the past.